Saw The Book of Life on Saturday. Really solid first half, kind of rushed and disjointed second half that defused some of my initial enthusiasm, but it had one powerful scene that ranks it higher than any animated feature this year, and I still recommend it regardless.

That said, there was one problem that kind of needled me throughout, and continued to needle me after I saw the film.

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 - the worst thing i've ever recorded
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Rules: Don’t take too long to think about it. Ten anime you’ve seen that will always stick with you. List the first ten you can recall in no more than 10 minutes. Tag 10 friends.

Like the video game meme, adding my own additional explanations to each entry!

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get to know me meme: [1/5] favorite movies - Spider-Man

Ok but here’s another thing about the whole "Will Smith watches Shrek in I Am Legend which means DreamWorks exists which means Shark Tale, in which he voiced an animated fish, also exists"

In Shark Tale, the first song the movie uses is “Three Little Birds.” Will Smith’s character sings it at one point.

In I Am Legend, “Three Little Birds” is the one song Will Smith’s character listens to in the film. Will Smith’s character sings it to his dying dog at one point.

What does That mean

I had a long day, but I got to cuddle with chihuahua puppies

My sweet koalaotter is back and looking lovely as ever.

I just finished watching Occult with Wiggy and Siro. We wanted to check it out because we loved one of the director’s other films, Noroi, but we’re kind of debating the quality of this one. It has this intriguing, eerie setup, a sagging middle portion with introducting the Eno character, then it gets interesting and creepy again, then it gets silly. There’s some unique scares here and there, and the ending is strangely one of the scariest and most hilarious things I’ve ever seen in this way my brain is still slowly coming to grips with.

The parts we really lost our shit at the most were the Sonic the Hedgehog billboard


and the following kinda-spoiler

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Today on Twitter:

So then I come home, find there’s a package for me, I haven’t ordered anything lately, “oh my god, it can’t be”

Mom has sent brownies.

I also almost texted Meredith by accident again too.

 - Breaking Bad commercial break
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Get to know me meme

inspired by x you can make gifset/art/graphics with it whatever

[5] favorite movies

[5] favorite tv shows

[5] favorite female characters

[5] favorite male characters

[5] favorite relationships

[5] favorite actors

[5] favorite actresses

[10] current celebrity crushes

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RULES: Don’t take more than a few minutes. Don’t think too hard. They don’t have to be great works of the gaming industry, just games that have affected you in a positive way. Then tag some friends including me so I can see your list.

And hey, might as well explain the entries because I want to.

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Fukumoto seriously missed out on the opportunity to do a Cartoon All-Stars to the Rescue-style crossover with his characters in his anti-drug PSA comic

hey pen! just felt like letting you know i started up on korra season 3 and am currently caught up on it. (i took a huge break from it after season 1 because honestly i found the season finale kinda disappointing) but i have to say i really like where season 3 and 4 are taking it and am super glad it's having such positive effects! also might i ask who your top 5 fav characters are?

My top 5 favorite characters—haha, god, this is hard. I’ve really grown so attached to and invested in all of them that at this point it’d feel like I was doing a huge disservice to leave any of them out. I do like a challenge, though! 

  1. Korra - Oh, Korra, where do I begin. Obviously, I adore the careful way her depression and PTSD is being handled, and think it’s really magnificent to see an action hero go through this, especially on a show aimed at children that will, no doubt, connect with many of them. But I love that her character arc is avoiding all the traps many writers fall into when tackling the “capable, headstrong girl.” Her development isn’t about softening or humbling her, it’s a hugely existential journey; one I can usually only find in more down-to-earth stories as opposed to action-oriented ones, and it makes it all the more extraordinary to see unfold, from her amazing book 2 arc about learning about herself to her current arc of recovery. I wouldn’t say I’m anything like Korra personality-wise (I’m much more like Tenzin or Mako), but I think there’s something really special to be said about a character you can still deeply connect with regardless. I love how daring the writing gets with her—she’s allowed to make mistakes, to be deeply flawed, to be as brash and outgoing as any male action protagonist would be allowed to be without question. And I’m a sucker for self-sacrificing, traumatized Chosen One stories (see also: Mighty Max) in general.

  2. Eska - She’s a grown-up Wednesday Addams with an obvious thing for BDSM, so there’s no way she could not be my ultimate dream girl. But seriously, I will make the most embarrassing noises imaginable when/if she returns in book 4. I love her so much.
  3. Varrick - I. God. Varrick. He’s amazing in every way. Every line that comes out of his mouth is pure gold. His chaotic ideas, strategies, and way of thinking, coupled with his flamboyant Howard Hughes personality make him such a joy to watch.

  4. Kuvira - It seems a little unfair to put a character who’s only just been introduced on here, but I think it’s fair enough when a character’s full introduction is just that splendid. I was intrigued by her brief appearances in book 3 and completely fell in love with her when I saw her in action in the book 4 trailer. It says a lot when you haven’t even heard the character’s lines and yet you can feel that refined charisma just oozing from her. I also really love dignified yet ruthless villains who are clearly of a higher class compared to the hero, who’s of a lower class and more rough around the edges (Tonegawa vs. Kaiji immediately springs to mind as another example) and I’m extremely excited for when she and Korra finally meet. She is the perfect foil to Korra, and I couldn’t be happier to have her as the final boss of the series.

  5. Lin & Suyin - Cheating here and including a two-for-one-package, because I love them equally and their characters really make each other. Lin was already an amazing character, I love her rough, yet still professional way of approach that extends to her care for others, and her development from distrusting the Avatar to becoming a sort of begrudging comrade to her in book 1 was already great, but then you add in the sibling/familial conflict and you make an already fantastic character even more three-dimensional. Loved the growth of the relationship with her sister, loved that small touch at the end of book 3 where her begrudging camaraderie with Korra has turned into genuine care and fondness, while still keeping in with the Lin touch (“Hang in there, kid.”)

    And Su, like her sister, is just…so cool? In a way that’s different from her sister yet similar enough that you can tell they were raised by the same mother. She’s clearly more free-spirited and rebellious than her sister, yet has this graceful bending style and sharp organizational skills when heading into battle. I also love that she’s a mother with a big family—it’s something rare to see in fiction where the mom gets to be in action while also being a mom in this really refreshing way. She loves her children while also having the utmost trust and respect in their decision-making (with the possible exception of her son joining Kuvira’s forces…). And she leads such a cool life—I’d like to see her get some comics or extra animations (a la “Republic City Hustle”) exploring her past adventures.



Alright, new South Park episode’s shit, we all saw that coming, but it’s also fucking dangerous.

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From what I’ve read the episode wasn’t saying all trans people were fake “transtrenders”, only that there were people who just do it for one reason or another; not because they’re actually trans, just…for whatever stupid reason. THAT was supposed to be what Cartman’s character is representative of in this episode. Again, they’re not saying all transgender people are “transtrenders”, just that there are transtrenders and that they’ll attack and ridicule people who either call them out or disagree with them, often getting their supporters after them. Y’know, like what Tumblr does. 

Perhaps you should discuss the episode with people who found good things about it? It’s always good to discuss things with people. 

This reminded me of a point I neglected to include in my original post, and that’s yet another reason the “transtrender” myth is excruciatingly harmful: it divides the already hugely marginalized trans community, even further apart. It encourages us in the community not to support those who are questioning their gender (no matter what the reason is, including “because being trans sounds cool”) but to question and suspect those individuals. The last thing we need in the trans community is to grow suspicious of one another.

This episode isn’t just harmful for furthering cis people’s transphobic beliefs; it’s harmful to the trans community too.

If trans viewers got good, encouraging things out of this episode, good for them. But the “transtrender” myth is in no way helpful to the community in any way, shape, or form. It just hurts us even more.