pl ease write about blender horror story starri ng you MP

Miles/Pen/MP walked into his kitchen, craving a milkshake.

"Hm, I am sure craving a milkshake," he said internally, craving a milkshake. "But the only milkshakes I like are from In-N-Out. Maybe I’ll call them up and ask how I can make one from scratch."

His cockatiel, Walter, screamed at him from his bedroom as he picked up the phone, took a guess of what sounded most like In-N-Out’s phone number, and dialed it.

"Hello, welcome to In-N-Out," a voice replied on the other line.

"Wow, it actually worked."


"Oh, uh, sorry, nothing," said Miles/Pen/MP, "I don’t suppose you could give me information about how you make your milkshakes?"

"Sure thing. First—get out a pen and paper or something so you can write this down."

Miles/Pen/MP nodded, pad of paper and pen ready. Always be prepared, just like Batman would always say.

"Ok, so first, you need to make sure you have the right supplies—you have milk, I take it?"


"A carton of ice cream of your choice?"


"How about a blender?"


Miles/Pen/MP dropped the pen, paper, phone, and soon, tears from his eyes. He still did not own a blender.

- The End -

do you mind if i reblog this? i really love your writing style!

I’d be flattered if you did. And thank you, that means a lot to me!

i love how you write speedwagon, pen!!! ;v; um, could i have a piece about speedwagon and jonathan being cute boyfriends while they're out on the road with zeppeli? sorry if that's a bit too open-ended!!

Aaaa I’m so glad to hear that, Luna! This made me so happy, you have no idea. And you most certainly can, enjoy!


"Mr. Joestar, are you alright?"

Jonathan watched as Speedwagon rolled up the younger man’s sleeve, inspecting its joints and checking for any wounds, no matter how small. It had become a standard, daily procedure for Speedwagon to check every inch of him and make sure he was functioning alright, and Jonathan wasn’t sure what started it. He didn’t mind, of course—Speedwagon’s hands, rough and callused as they were, handled him great gentleness, and he could see the man’s eyes narrow in on various parts of him with great concentration and dedication that would make Erina proud.

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Please write about Speedwagon dealing with a nightmare

Speedwagon woke up gasping for breath and gripping at the sheets of his bed. He lay there as his body quivered all over, eventually bringing an arm to his sweaty, tear-stained face.

In his past as a thief, he was able to deal with these bad dreams relatively well; he’d seen plenty of hell in reality as is that nightmares couldn’t compare, and he had to maintain a strong appearance to give others the confidence they could trust him as their leader. It also helped that, when waking up from a nightmare, he was surrounded by the sleeping members of his gang and, comforted by their presences, could easily ease himself back to sleep.

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Send me a “Please write about _____” with a topic you want me to write a short piece about and I will :3

I’ve been watching a lot of The Twilight Zone lately, and just finished “Number 12 Looks Just Like You.”  It’s a great episode, though I was expecting a completely different ending than the one we were given.

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deedee stay out of my laboratory - dexter the cowardly dog

nature and animal friends

Legends of Oz: Dorothy’s Return Headcanons
  • The film takes place after the 1939 film, yet inexplicably shows Dorothy waking up in what’s unmistakably a modern era. This can be explained fairly easily: Dorothy is a time traveler, and her house is her time machine. This is why she is so unperturbed by the sudden change in time era, and why she is so vehemently against the appraiser condemning her home, because he essentially condemning her life’s work, her very hobby, and she’ll be stuck in this boring modern era forever.

  • The reason the wizard is nowhere to be seen or mentioned in the entirety of the film is that he was murdered some time ago by the Scarecrow and the Tinman. You’ll recall in the fillm that the Scarecrow, Tinman, and Lion boast to Dorothy about their acquired knowledge, emotion, and courage, yet this inexplicably goes against the 1939’s message that they possessed these traits all along. Explanation: it wasn’t good enough. They didn’t cross this long-ass yellow brick road and face all these near-death experiences just for some phony to tell them, “Oh, those were inside you all along.” No, Scarecrow and Tinman were going to get that goddamn brain and heart if it was the last thing they did. And they did.

If you think this is just me being forcibly morbid, I will remind you that this is the same universe where a woman’s vocal chords are enough to kill at least seven men in a row, an elderly man offers his body to be hollowed out for the heroes to make a boat out of, and another man uses his very flesh to put together the mutilated body of his love interest.


Shinji, fed up with this world, takes a train to bara island

stud muffin

Sailor Moon episode 96

Worst episode since the weight-loss one?

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I can never oversell the sheer importance of fictional characters as, well, as a coping mechanism. Which is why, despite the fact that I know I’ve done it before, I’m gonna to be careful to not make or probably even reblog posts that are based on the idea ‘so-and-so is worthless/doesn’t deserve to be loved/etc’, because you never know what tiny kernel of something someone else might be clinging on to.

emm.. it goes....i mean if you don't feel like it its super ok (i know a lot of artist don't feel comfortable with request) but i was wondering if you could draw kaiji and sahara in the store they worked uknowwhatnevermindbye


here you go!

Pen: What about Monsters and Mummies?
Siro: I dunno, Pen, are we going for the lowest common denominator here?
Pen: are you calling mummies the lowest common denominator